Festivals offer excellent opportunities to reach new customers. Make the most of this time by developing a festival marketing strategy to attract more customers and increase sales. With the festival of colours around the corner, we share a few marketing strategies that you can use to maximise reach this Holi.

But first things first, draft the budget. Take into account the time you will need to organise and set up for the event, calculate the money involved in hiring additional staff or any other costs that you might incur for promotional material, stock, etc.

  1. Discounts and Offers: Give people a reason to buy by offering a limited-period incentive. It will motivate them to use your service or make a purchase. Since Holi is all about playing with colours, people will need salons and laundry facilities. It is a good time for local spas, salons and launderers to offer specialized Holi packages and discounts to attract more customers.
  2. Sale Days: During Holi and other festivals, most e-commerce sites declare sale-days. As per a report from Economic Times1, 86% Indian consumers look forward to shopping during the festive season, out of which 57% prefer to shop online. The remaining who prefer to shop offline are in all likelihood, thinking that the material in a store is fresher and/or like to see, touch/feel before buying. 61% respondents say they make their buying decision based on available information on Social Media, whereas 57% decide based on different discount announcements made by companies. If you are a small business, you can run promotional offers on certain products both online and offline, as well as use social media to communicate such offers.
  3. Customised Gifts: According to Technopak, one of India’s leading Management Consulting firm, the total size of the Indian gifting market is over ₹250, 000 crore and is expected to grow at over 200% per annum by the year end. Our wish to gift our friends and family something special, personalised and unique is what’s giving rise to the customised gifts market. Putting together customised gifts, however, is time consuming and cumbersome. As a small business, you can offer special Holi hampers across different price ranges to your customers.
  4. Become a Sponsor: In India, a lot of events happen during festivals, Holi parties, for example. These events are a good platform to advertise your business. Sponsoring festival based events can get you the right kind of visibility at the right time and help you reach consumers most likely to buy.
  5. Collect Contact Information: Festivals are the best times to collect contact information of your customers and prospects, and follow-up with them later. Have them give their information by holding contests or offering giveaways. Organise a fun Holi themed contest with attractive prizes – this will motivate people to share their details.
  6. Social Media Posts: Take plenty of photos and videos of people signing up for the contest and post them on your social media channels. This helps amplify your event and also create buzz around your brand.

This Holi, make use of these simple yet effective marketing strategies and make a lasting impression on your customers.

Source: 1 https://retail.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/e-commerce/e-tailing/86-indian-consumers-look-forward-to-shop-during-festive-season-survey/60827719