A one-of-a-kind mission

India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. The fact that we have 60 million+ SMEs (and counting) shows how unbridled our entrepreneurial spirit is.

We, at Solv, are here to change the way Indian SMEs do business. For good.

With tech as our engine and entrepreneurship as our accelerator, it’s an ambitious goal, but not an impossible one.


Is good work culture about bean bags and pool tables? Or free food and video games? Or Bring-Your-Pets to-Work Day? Not quite.

You may not find all of these at Solv. But what you will find is an open, no-hierarchy work environment. The freedom to choose your projects. Collaboration and creative liberty. Adaptability and nimbleness. And above all, a clear sense of purpose, passion and energy.

It’s simple: if we aim to change the way SMEs work, it’s only fair that we keep changing ourselves, too.

We are looking for the best of hackers and coders out there

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