Quick and easy access to finance
The Solv platform provides small businesses with various financing options to support their growth. We are a financial services marketplace backed by technology and a network comprising several banks and NBFCs.
Buy Now, Pay Later
Short term credit for your orders
Buy now, pay later is a short term, revolving credit option available to buyers on the Solv B2B marketplace. Buyers can avail the buy now, pay later credit line available to them across multiple invoices and take advantage of flexible payment schedules. Credit is available for 15 or 21 days at interest rates of 1% and 1.5% respectively. Don’t let liquidity challenges hold you back from growing your business.
Collateral Free
Credit limit up to Rs.2,00,000
No hidden fees
Easy application process
Quick sanction & disbursal
Supply Chain Finance
Financing for inventory and receivables
The Solv dealer finance program is an anchor-led invoice financing-based program. The program helps dealers and distributors leverage their relationship with their anchor by procuring financing for inventory and receivables at attractive rates from Solv’s network of financial institutions. Managing requirements for financing during peak sales seasons is also simplified. The Solv dealer finance program is powered by Solv’s blockchain-enabled digital platform.
Collateral Free
Competitive interest rates
Assured and steady source of financing
Improved liquidity enabling expanded inventory
Additional finance available during peak season
Solv Score
Buyers and sellers on the Solv platform are distinguished by their Solv Score. The Solv score of a business is based on several parameters. These parameters include traditional data like one’s credit bureau score, several forms of alternate data, as well as behavioural / operational data based on one’s transaction history on the Solv platform. The Solv Score serves as an alternate credit score helping SMEs get easier and faster access to credit and also helps businesses establish trust on the Solv platform.
Our trusted FI partners
We are able to match small businesses with the right FI because of our extensive network of FI partners.