Building trust. Accelerating growth. Empowering Small Business.

Who are we?

SOLV is owned, 100% by the Standard Chartered Group, headquartered in London. Our registered name is Standard Chartered Research & Technology India Private Limited and we operate under the brand name SOLV.

At SOLV, we are empowering small businesses by leveraging technology and in turn working toward unlocking the next wave of growth for India. We’re building the foundation for a stronger, sharper, more entrepreneurial India — one small business at a time.

Our Vision

Accelerate India’s economy by solving growth challenges for every SME* in India

Our Mission

We aim to empower SMEs to create over 10 million jobs, go global and contribute 50% to India’s GDP by 2025.

* small and medium enterprise

Our Enablers of Growth

How do you simplify growth for over 60 million+ small businesses?

At SOLV, we use a combination of 3 key ingredients :

Technology that enables powerful yet simple and intuitive experiences

Scale through countrywide and international partnerships

Data that provides rich insights and facilitates decision making

The 4 Cs

4C Icons


We help small businesses build trust and credibility online and connect with verified customers and suppliers from across the country.



Our platform enables conversations via chat creating a smooth and seamless way for businesses to connect with one another and close transactions.

Commerce Solv app


We facilitate end-to-end commerce inclusive of verified contracts, assured payments and fulfilment services.



We help small businesses get access to funds when they need it via financial services such as business loans and invoice financing.

Meet the Makers

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Rohit Dawer

Head - Commerce Sales

team member full
Subhashini Parasuraman

Head of Brand & Marketing

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Vijay Makhijani

Head – Financial Services

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Subhashini Parasuraman

Head of Brand & Marketing

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Devendra Trivedi

Head of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances