Solv Launches Progressive Paternity Leave Program for Employees

Gender-neutral caregiving policy aims to promote more bonding time for fathers with their new-borns, encourage shared childcare responsibility, and enhance overall well-being of employees & their families

Bengaluru, 10 March 2022 : Solv, India’s trusted B2B digital marketplace for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, backed by the Standard Chartered Group, has launched a progressive paternity leave program for its employees, wherein employees can avail 4 weeks of paternity leave on the birth of their child. The new program is part of Solv’s effort to provide more time for fathers to bond with their new-born children and support their partner by sharing childcare responsibilities, both of which Solv believes are imperative for healthy, happy families, which eventually lead to good mental health of employees and a productive workplace. This gender-neutral caregiving policy is also part of a wider set of people policies focused on actively promoting physical, emotional and mental well-being of not just Solv’s employees but also their families.

Solv has implemented a number of people-friendly practices with a clear focus on promoting overall well-being and better work-life balance for employees. With the new paternity leave program, employees can avail 4 weeks of leave on the birth of a child. The leave can be availed anytime within 1 year, in whole or in parts, allowing fathers to spend much needed time with their child and share the joys of childcare with their partner. Also, Solv’s adoption leave policy has always been gender-neutral, allowing for 12 weeks of leave at a continuous stretch, for the primary caregiver in the case of an adopted child.

In addition to the above, Solv has already implemented employee well-being focused policies such as No-Meeting Hour, Special Day Off and Wellness Day Off across the organization.

  • No-Meeting Hour - Under this policy, meetings are discouraged between 1 pm and 2 pm, so that employees have time to unwind, have a peaceful lunch, or continue working without any meetings distracting their flow of thought.
  • Special Day Off - With this policy, employees are encouraged to take 1 working day off as per their choice to celebrate their own or spouse’s birthday or to celebrate their wedding anniversary.
  • Wellness Day Off - This policy allows employees to vote for a day off once every quarter as time off to unwind and return to work recharged and refreshed.

Solv also periodically conducts fun engagement activities where employees’ families are invited to participate and bond with each other.

Commenting on Solv’s people practices, Amit Bansal, CEO, Solv, said “Solv is a young organization where our people practices are constantly evolving to serve the diverse needs of our people. Employees are at the core of our business, and we are making a conscious effort to not have a cookie-cutter approach towards our people practices. We constantly strive to make every effort to build a deep bond with not just our employees, but their families too. We believe that our families are the reason each one of us works hard and puts in our best every day, and it is important for them to know that they belong to this family of Solvers. Our paternity leave program and other well-being focused programs are all born from this belief.”

While Solv’s workspaces are based in Bangalore and Noida, the company believes that its core tenet of “Customer First” can be effectively achieved by employees working from anywhere. Therefore, Solv provides its employees the option of coming into the office or working remotely, as they see fit. This provides additional flexibility for employees to optimise their professional and personal responsibilities and contributes further to overall employee well-being.

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