B2B Ecommerce Platform

How To Choose The Right B2B Ecommerce Platform?

For small business owners—be it manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, or retailers —buying supplies or selling products is often a challenge requiring a lot of physical intervention and effort. While going digital can overcome most of these challenges, many small business owners…

7 Smart Tips to Rebuild Your Business

Starting Over? 7 Smart Tips to Rebuild Your Business

When a crisis like COVID strikes, it has far-reaching effects on a country’s economy, especially small businesses. It’s no wonder that in India, a long period of lockdown, staggered opening of commercial establishments, physical distancing norms and inadequate logistics support…

Empowering Women MSMEs in India

Amongst the 6.33 crore Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) operating in India, only a little over 20% are owned by women. Though this number has increased significantly in the last few years, there is still an ocean of untapped…

Opportunities for MSMEs

Even in Crisis, Opportunities Abound for MSMEs

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected more than 150 countries, destroying lives, stalling economic growth and disrupting international trade & business. The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector in India has been one of the worst-hit in this calamity….

History of Indian Handloom

History of Indian Handloom

The beauty and variety of Indian handloom is legendary. The texture and colour with the most intricate of woven patterns and embroidery can leave most anyone spellbound. As we celebrate India’s rich history of handlooms on National Handloom Day (August…

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