5 Key Highlights of SOLV-FICCI Webinar on Meeting Financial Needs of MSMEs

The nation-wide lockdown due to the COVID-19 has badly hit business sustainability for over 100 micro, small and medium sized businesses out there which are dealing with their own set of challenges. These MSMEs provide employment, manufacture and trade goods, help the produce from farmers reach consumers, thereby playing an important role in keeping the larger corporations running and the wheels of economy moving.


COVID-19 oubreak: Impact on HORECA segment

Covid19 outbreak led shut-downs are having disastrous impact on economies around the world, including India. Small and medium businesses are the worst hit segment and among them the most impacted are the ones in travel, tourism and entertainment.

Mobile sale impact

Covid-19 impact: Sale of mobiles out of range

The nationwide lock down announced on March 25 also marked a lockdown on annual profits of companies in the mobile and electronics sector. The sales have plummeted owing to the closure of electronics stores pan India. Ecommerce sales via retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart are in no good shape either, as these online platforms have temporarily suspended the sales of white goods and mobiles and are solely focused on essential goods.

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